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Linear turbine Tests Heathcote April 13, 2014

turbine Tests Heathcote April 13, 2014. Showing generator powering light bulb. Pump disconnected. Some vanes not setting, possibly due to uneven river flow.

Tuapeka turbine at Tuapeka Punt (Clutha river New Zealand) Feb 2012

a turbine ready for launching in the Clutha river at the Tuapeka Punt picnic 26 February 2012  

Tests of Tuapeka turbine at Tuapeka punt picnic

of Tuapeka turbine (linear turbine) at Tuapeka punt picnic on Clutha River New Zealand Feb 26, 2012. Tuapeka punt is operating across river using rudders and river flow to make it move sideways. Tuapeka turbine operates on similar principle with blades suspended on chains and incliined to flow to move sideways and turn wheels […]

To South – Road Trip to Balclutha

gton. My trusty Toyota Estima waiting to board the Interislander ferry. The Interislander travels between Wellington in the North Island and Picton in the South Island, forming a road and rail link between New Zealand’s two main islands. Three roll-on roll-off vessels operate the 50 nautical miles (93 km; 58 mi) ferry route, taking three […]

Second Stop – Road Trip to Balclutha

ful west coast beach in Whanganui, one of the most undervalued towns in the North Island. Perhaps the city’s biggest scandal happened in 1920, when the Mayor, Charles Mackay, shot and wounded a young poet, D’Arcy Cresswell, who had been blackmailing him over his homosexuality. Mackay served seven years in prison and his name was […]

Departure – Road trip to Balclutha

g over the mighty Waikato river while eating dinner. The Huntly Power Station is the largest thermal power station in New Zealand and is located in the town of Huntly in the Waikato. It is operated by Genesis Power, a state-owned enterprise, and supplies around 17% of the country’s power. [Wikipedia]

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