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                                                 Tidal current linear turbine tests at Orewa River January 2013
See video of linear turbine tests at Orewa river:  click here
                                                         Items to consider for future development:
1) Improving the design to be stronger and lighter weight.
2) Simplifying the design to make it more suitable for manufacture in developing countries.
3) Checking on the strength of components.  I suspect the bicycle chain drive may not be strong enough for 1 kilowatt generators.
4) Considering different type of generator (instead of car alternator), e.g. slow speed generator which does not need step up drive such as a Fisher Paykel smart drive motor/generator
4) Improving the blade design.  The blades should probably be wider to make them more stable.
5) Possibly making up new larger diameter wheels, to give more spacing between upstream and downstream blades.
6) Possibly designing an intermediate row of stator guide vanes to give better flow direction between upstream and downstream blades.
7)  Setting up a webpage to educate people how to make their own linear turbine.
8) Work on computer program based on program in first and second ASME papers
                                                                    Ideal tidal test site at Onehunga lagoon January 2013


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